Evennett concern at Mayor’s London Plan

Rt Hon David Evennett, MP for Bexleyheath and Crayford, has responded to the Labour Mayor of London’s consultation on the ‘New London Plan’.

Mr Evennett expressed his concerns on density ranges, the removal of targets for family homes, the reduction of parking provisions, the Plan’s encouragement of ‘garden grabbing’, and the significant increase of the annualised housing targets in Bexley.

Mr Evennett commented: “London is a uniquely diverse city, and the Mayor’s New London Plan in its current form fails to recognise issues that affect specific areas.

“Bexley does not fall within the TfL train network, and motor vehicles are essential to many residents for work, social and family reasons, and it therefore cannot be right to reduce parking provisions in such a dramatic way without exception.

“Whilst we need to build more homes, it is vital that local infrastructure such as school placements, spaces at GP surgeries, and public transport, also improves simultaneously. It is therefore irresponsible to increase Bexley’s annualised housing target from 446 to 1245 without any details of how the required additional infrastructure will be delivered.

“I am also concerned about the Plan’s density ranges for houses, the lack of targets for family homes, and garden developments. We must deliver more family homes without the loss of vital green spaces and areas for children to play.

“The Mayor’s London Plan will affect Bexley adversely, and I urge local residents to participate in the consultation before it closes on 2nd March”.

Information on the New London Plan and how to respond can be found at: https://www.london.gov.uk/what-we-do/planning/london-plan/new-london-plan