Love Life, Love Bexley

Like you, we love living in Bexley, and are proud of all the things we have achieved together over the last decade.

  • 75% of residents recommend Bexley to their friends and family as a great place to live.
  • Our schools are ranked in the top five in the entire country.
  • We have not just the lowest crime rate in London, but one of the lowest crime rates in the UK.
  • We’ve secured millions of pounds of external funding to invest in our local communities and town centres, building our long term future.
  • We lead London for recycling and cleaning our environment.
  • We have some of the best parks and tourist attractions in London and the South East.
  • We’re protecting vulnerable children and caring for adults in need of our help.
  • And Bexley residents are rated as some of the happiest people in London.

None of these things are accidents, they are the result of hard work and a relentless focus on making decisions for the long term interests of our great Borough.

Photograph: Local Conservatives campaigning and listening to local residents in the new Barnehurst Ward.