New Year offers real opportunity for Britain

As we enter a new year and a new decade with a new government there are huge opportunities for our country. We need to be positive and optimistic and ensure that our One Nation Conservative Government works for the whole country. We have to give people confidence that their views are being heeded and their aspirations addressed, as well as restoring pride in our country.

Of course we must heal the divisions within our society, listen to the people (who have spoken decisively in the General Election) and deliver a decade of opportunity and growing prosperity for our nation. We have a mandate from the electorate to get Brexit done and to work hard to implement our manifesto commitments on the major issues including the NHS, education, the economy, law and order, immigration, housing, the environment, and transport.

I believe that in our Prime Minister we have a Leader who understands and is determined to accomplish the necessary changes and reforms domestically and improve the quality of life for all of our citizens. In addition, our Conservative government will work to make Britain a formidable leader economically, politically and environmentally on the world stage.

Happy New Year!