Cllr. Sybil Camsey

Sybil has lived and worked in Bexley since 1966 and retired from teaching in 2009 after a 42 year career.

She was elected to represent Brampton Ward in 2010 and again in 2014. Sybil has served on a number of committees including Children’s, Adults, Finance, Resources, People OSC, Corporate Parenting Forum, and Constitution Review Panel. She has a special interest in Special Educational Needs – chaired a project looking at Bexley’s provisions and their cost effectiveness, and has worked on a number of small projects designed to improve the way we work in the Borough, such as Children missing education, Transition, Foster Carer Recruitment, Children’s Centres. Sybil is also an elected member representative on Fostering and Adoption Panels. She was Vice Chairman of Children’s Committee for two years and also of People’s OSC for one year.

Sybil was Mayor of Bexley in 2015/2016. Her charity during the year was working with Bird College Music Department and SNAP to provide music activities for children and young people with special needs. She is taking an ongoing interest in how the money raised – a total of £20,000 – will be spent.

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